The last 30 years i have been serving the world of business, international development and tourism across over 100 countries. I thrive in any environment, be it the Streets of Singapore, the jungles of Uganda, executive board meetings or the assembly line floor. One thing binds my work together, the love of people. The same
challenge drives my all my efforts: finding a narrative to describe an event, finding a motife is uplifting, descriptive and illuminating.

Born in Montreal Canada, I lived in France and Denmark before making Sweden my home base. Living in Sweden positions me within equally easy reach to the major capitals of Asia, Africa and North America.

Maria Bengtsson Lannér
Head of Corporate Communications
Swedfund International

"Through beautiful and tasteful pictures that contain both humor and intelligence Victor transforms a company concept to a three dimensional, living being."

Tim Gilbert, CEO
Campus Management Inc.
Vice President, Marketing

"There are many photographers for business. Just a few capture business with any artfulness. And of these few, Victor Brott is in the elite. If you want your company to suddenly feel larger, more human, and global -- in the truest, finest sense of that over--worked word -- you would do well to unleash Mr. Brott upon your organization. His boldness, his ability to work with everyday people and leverage their authenticity -- these are not standard issue qualities. Mr. Brott goes anywhere, does anything, leaves no stone unturned, and comes home with shots that will make you sit up, as you damn well better when you see art."

Ulf Lesley
former Head of Corporate Communications
Ericsson Global Mobile System

"We hired Victor when we needed top quality pictures, and he never let us down. Victor is easy to work with and very professional, both when it comes to the craft of photography and dealing with people, which is of great importance when you are taking pictures of busy executives or complicated work environments."

Per Mellander,
18 years in leading positions at Volvo,
CEO, Pleiad Fastighetsbolag

"Pass through locked doors? Walk on water? Get the right light? Find the optimal angle? Get people to smile naturally? Nothing is impossible for Victor Brott as he wants to deliver the best pictures to demanding clients."

Dan Setterwall,
Corporate Communications, Sveaskog Pulp & Paper
(collaboration since 1986)

"An extremely creative and generous person who asks smart and relevant counter questions. He thinks a bit longer than most picture people - how will the picture be used, does it enhance the client's profile, can it be used in different situations etc. A demanding but rewarding partner who also shares his great international knowledge with us. If you are looking for a globetrotter in Stockholm, you don't need to look any further!"

Göran Skoglund,
Head of Corporate Communications, AlfaLaval
(former Head of Corporate Communications at BT Industries)

"Victor has a remarkable ability for photographing people; he captured the warmth and charisma we wanted for our annual reports. He is also a stubborn devil. Determined and business minded, but when the pictures have arrived everything is forgiven. The stubbornness also comprises his strong drive to arrange the picture, no matter what obstacles that may lie ahead. Is a certain gadget missing at the plant in Chile?
No problem! Victor manages to find a similar gadget from another plant along with a truck. And "voila" - there's your picture. (By the way, it can be seen at Norrköping Airport.) If I can recommend him? If you appreciate the connection between price and quality, the answer is unconditionally YES."

Anna Hägg-Sjöquist
Secretary General
Plan Sweden

"Ever since Plan Sweden started it has been of great concern to us to create commitment towards global justice and development issues. We wish to describe the surrounding world without making it more beautiful or ugly than it really is. Rather, we wish to contribute in conveying insight into different people's everyday life around the world. With great integrity and genuine commitment Victor has used his camera to contribute to helping us with this. His pictures allow us to meet children and adults we otherwise never would have met. His pictures show children and adults with humor, seriousness, commitment, reflections, pride and thoughts of the future - but never as victims. That makes us happy and proud!"

Peter Widell
Art Director

"Photo journalist" is a name that describes exactly what Victor is. To him it's the picture's job to capture a story or event. And he does the job very well. In my opinion Victor has an eye for pictures with a strong sense of presence that communicate the message. Are the pictures difficult with apparently impossible prerequisites? Trust Victor's ability to move mountains to get the right shot! We have co-operated on projects for among others Linjebuss, Hiab, Esselte, Scribona etc.

Mats Berg, Director of Corporate Communications
Fabege (one of the Nordic region's leading commercial property companies)

"Victor's commitment is complete. I have never before worked with a photographer who so generously contributes to every step of the process - from intriguing picture ideas to sensitive direction of people in front of the camera. He always makes people feel natural in front of the camera, even when he directs them. You save a lot of time and effort if you let Victor in early on in the process of making printed matters."

Sten Pettersson
Art Director, Stockholm

"Victor Brott is one of the very best photographers I have hade the joy to work with for 14 years. He has a great sense for composition and color along with the ability to understand and interpret the customer's intentions. Victor takes pictures that generally surpass everyone's expectations. These pictures are stimulating, inspiring and easy to work with during the creative process. During our collaboration, Victor has delivered most of the pictures for annual reports and brochures for Handelsbanken, one of the largest banks in Scandinavia."

Maria Montgomerie
Former Head of Corporate Communications
Swedish Industrial Development Fund

"For eight years Victor has retained a consistently high picture quality. He has also surprised us with unexpected and clever picture ideas. He has a rare ability to make people - from the CEO to the people working on the floor, to look relaxed, committed and credible. Victor has never once said "it won't work". His commitment to Industrifonden has comprised production of annual reports, countless company presentations, brochures and pictures for our website."

Kevin Trenga
Manager, Marketing Communications
The Raymond Corporation
Greene, New York, USA

“Your approach to "in context" product photography has brought to life the people using our lift trucks, their working environments, and the advanced capabilities of the products themselves.”

Mats Ekdahl
Director General for The National Board of Psychological Defence
Former Chief Editor for Resumé, Vi, Läkartidningen and Arbetet.

"Victor is both an artistic and problem solving photographer. Moreover he has the talent to handle complex assignments because he always notices the connections, reports back to the editorial office and then takes it from there. One time he did a coast-to-coast-story for me about the American advertising industry - an extensive coverage, both creatively and administratively, that I still remember with great respect."